Client Testimonials

The following testimonials have come unsolicited from clients who have sent
cards, letters and emails.

"I saw Suzie on and off for a few years, and can honestly say that her approach
was one of the easiest I have ever had to deal with in psychotherapy. She was
always pleasant, approachable, and knowledgeable in so many different areas.
Through my time seeing her, we worked through many barriers, and things
were dealt with in a very kind, caring and sympathetic manner." Scott

"Thank you Suzie, you were part of this final year of healing for me. It was an
important time in understanding where I am in my life and why, but also and
most importantly, in accepting who I am and how and why I got to this point, in
the wonderful journey of my life. You are a patient and kind person who allowed
me to see where I needed to take responsibility for decisions I had made, accept
them and move forward." JS

“Suzie I wanted to tell you how truly grateful I am for all your help last year and I will always remember you as a very caring, considerate person, who provided a great depth of wisdom and focus for me during what was a painful time” SW

“Suzie, thank you for being there for me whilst I was sorting out what I needed to do for myself – you were great” GM

“Suzie thank you for all the time and support you offered me, you were a real help” LS

“Thank you for the help and support you have provided, I feel I can cope much better now. If I ever need help again I will come back.” RC

“Thank you for listening to me and helping me solve my problems for myself.” AR

“Suzie thank you for your kindness and your support during my depression – you were so patient.” RP

“Thank you for your help Suzie. If I ever need to see a counsellor again, I know where to come.” BR

“Thank you for your professional help and your friendly, relaxed manner – you made the process easier than I expected” GW
MNZAP Full Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

PBANZ New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist

ACP Advanced Clinical Practice (Psychotherapy)

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