Colleague Testimonials

"Suzie’s training in Reductive Analysis has given her a good understanding of psychodynamic processes and an ability to see beyond the here and now.
I regard her as a respected colleague in our small local community of
counsellors and psychotherapists."
Margret Saul

Counselling Clinical Supervisor (Blenheim)

"Suzie has always conducted herself with professionalism and integrity. Her report writing was succinct and demonstrated a balance of clinical information, background material and practical suggestions that I found useful in planning ongoing client intervention".
Tania Leadley
Psychologist & Work Colleague (Blenheim)

"Suzie strikes the perfect balance between being professional, yet friendly and approachable at the same time"
EAP Services Ltd
Counselling services for Marlborough region

"Suzie, thank you so much for your support in all that you do for Lifeline Marlborough. It is greatly appreciated".
Carol Taylor
Former Lifeline Clinical Manager (Blenheim)

"In her work in a multi-disciplinary team, working with highly dysfunctional families, Suzie displayed the required patience, tenacity, sense of humour, professionalism and objectivity."
Libby Robins
Director, Family Help Trust (Christchurch)

"I have appreciated Suzie’s professional approach to psychotherapy, her understanding and competence in the work she does with people and her commitment to her own personal development."
Kevin Cleary
Co-therapist and Group Supervision Colleague (Christchurch)

"Suzie is perceptive, empathic and able to identify in a controlled way with clients. She knows a lot about people and their difficulties and about strategies for surmounting or coping with them."
Harry Cohen (deceased)
Founding member and honorary life member NZAP
MNZAP Full Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

PBANZ New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist

ACP Advanced Clinical Practice (Psychotherapy)

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