Psychotherapy & Counselling I offer both psychotherapy and counselling and work with psychodynamic principles.

For the long-term client, I work with the modalities of Direct Reductive Analysis
and Transactional Analysis. I also have training in Client Centred Counselling
and an interest in Rational Emotive Therapy, a cognitive behavioural therapy.
Both are suitable modalities for short-term clients.
What happens in Psychotherapy/Counselling?
In psychotherapy/counselling you are helped to explore your emotional difficulties and concerns. You are also assisted to develop more satisfying, creative and resourceful ways of being yourself and living your life. My philosophy is that you are the best judge of your own life and my role is to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help you in your process to find the answers/solutions that are best for you.

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling
There is some overlap between the two and similar skills are used in both approaches. However, a great deal depends on the training, knowledge and experience of different counsellors and psychotherapists and what they and the clients hope to achieve when working together.

In general, psychotherapy is usually a longer process and involves greater and deeper exploration of someone's past experiences in order to make sense of their present life. Psychotherapy works with unconscious material that may not be initially apparent. Counselling is often used to resolve specific problems or concerns and may take a shorter period.

I offer both short and long term counselling and psychotherapy. The approach used depends on the client and their presenting needs and their previous therapeutic experiences.
MNZAP Full Member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

PBANZ New Zealand Registered Psychotherapist

ACP Advanced Clinical Practice (Psychotherapy)

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